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Honestly the best experience I have had at a dentist office, ever! I am new to the area and had not gone in some time but they made me feel so welcome and took amazing care of me! If you have anxiety about going to the dentist go here. They completely take the stress off and make you feel like an old friend. Walking in I immediately feel welcomed, and Dr. Sutton and Brooke were absolutely amazing. I already have my next appointment booked.

Kira L.

One of the best dental experiences I’ve had. The staff is so wonderful and accommodating and Dr. Sutton is excellent. The office is beautiful but more importantly, it’s so efficient. Highly recommend, especially for those who haven’t had great dental experiences in the past. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Chris H.

I’ve been in search of a new, good dentist for a little while now and I am SO happy I saw Dr. Sutton’s ad for his beautiful new office. He was so friendly and gentle. He made sure to explain every thing and so did the dental hygienist. Clean modern office with a wonderful staff. I’m actually excited for my next visit.

Christy M.

I have never felt more comfortable at a dentist in my life. I hadn’t been to one, aside from emergency procedures in years and I was terrified after a bad experience the day before.

Jeanna w.

I was looking for a new dentist after dealing with chain dentists and getting bad experiences and ended up noticing Dr. Sutton at Dapper Dental. I visited him and was very impressed. He is caring, thorough, kind, takes time to listen and knowledgeable. The offices are super clean with friendly staff, no waits and no rush. He also follows up personally and makes sure you are comfortable. I highly recommend him as your new dentist.

Eric G.

This was, hands-down, the best dentist experience I've ever had. Brooke was really personable and helpful with my unique needs and Dr. Sutton was extremely thorough without causing the pain and discomfort that many dentists do! I didn't feel like I was being rushed through the process just so they could make a few extra bucks by throwing me out of the office. I really felt valued and had a wonderful experience!

Emily C.

Dr. Sutton and his staff make the experience relaxing, personal and pain free.  They really care about how you feel and tailor the experience to YOU.
The pleasant massage chair, huge TV with Netflix, and the hot towel on my face have made it impossible to ever see another dentist.
Thank you Dr. Sutton and Brooke!  You both are amazing!  I can’t wait for my next visit!

Tom B.

Dr. Sutton and team are incredible. I had not been to the dentist in quite some time, out of fear and anxiety. I decided that it was time to conquer my fear and did some research and came across Dapper Dental. I felt that this could be the place for me and I was right! I can’t thank them enough and I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment. If you are looking for a great dentist with a wonder team, look no further than Dr. Sutton at Dapper Dental!

Bryan C.

Dapper Dental was a fabulous experience – never expected to use the words fabulous and dental in the same sentence; yet the team at Dapper Dental was beyond compare.
Brooke put me at ease, made the paperwork and insurance process a breeze while answering all my concerns and charting a treatment plan.
Love the massage chair, Netflix and delicious coffee!
Dr. Sutton is both gifted and witty, making me comfortable and confident that my dental issues would be solved. Made it simple, no confusion and even better, no pain or even discomfort.
Highly recommend Dr. Sutton and Brooke for all your dental needs.

James B.

I had the best dental office experience in my life at Dapper Dental!  From making appointments to the actual visit, every experience was so smooth and perfect. The staff is super friendly, professional, and efficient.  Dr.Sutton was very pleasant and gave a thorough care during my visit.  I was seen right away with no wait and everything was done in timely manner.  The office is also modern and filled with high tech.  I have to say it was pretty cool to go to a dentist office with massage exam chairs with netflix on tv.  I highly recommend Dapper Dental. I have been looking for a dentist in the area this entire year and happy to settle on Dapper Dental.

Jenna A.

After 2 years looking for a dentist in Orlando I’ve finally found what I was looking for. A professional who really cares about his patients.
Dr. Sutton and his team ( Brooke is super sweet ) made my visit to the dentist easy. They are kind, knowledgeable and really friendly.
The office is modern and super clean. It has a good parking lot and easy access.
I’m just grateful.

Ana G.

This was the best dental appointment I’ve ever had. Every staff member was friendly, took their time and personalized the experience. The attention to detail at the office was awesome, and it’s obvious they take pride in their work and being a private practice. Nothing corporate about it! I highly recommend them!

Emily W.

Absolutely the best experience I have had at a dentist. Dr. Sutton takes the time to really take care of you and explains everything he is doing the entire time. The added comforts of Netflix during your appointment, drinks and a hot towel are a great.

Mariah G.

Couldn't possibly say enough amazing things about Dapper Dental! The entire staff, the awesome amenities... It's all great. I have an insane amount of fear from several terrible experiences at other places and Dr. Sutton and crew really make you feel comfortable. Just had 2 fillings. Didn't feel a thing, shared some laughs, and left a happy guy! I need to get a few more things done, but I'm far less worried than I have ever been in my life. A wonderful place and I encourage everyone to give them a chance.

Mark A.

Dentist or Day Spa?
I'm really not sure which of the two best describes Dapper.This place is a WOW you out of your seat (that is, if the massaging chairs you can enjoy while getting your cleaning don't do it already!)
Seriously. From the very moment of walking in, Brooke was there to meet and greet with a genuine smile, and a natural knack of connecting with her patients.
This is a super-clean, warm and welcoming office. In addition to the massaging chairs in each exam room, you'll enjoy Netflix while getting your cleaning or procedure.
Dr. Sutton is a no BS professional. He's not going to try to sell you procedures you don't need like most places, and like the rest of the staff he'll speak to you as an equal.
This was sincerely the best experience I've ever enjoyed , and look forward to going back!

Christopher J.

I came in and I was greeted like a new friend. No one showed impatience with my nervousness or anxiety. Dr. Sutton was very kind as well, and didn’t seem put off by my plethora of nervous questions.
This dental practice is so great that I legitimately brag about it at work and to my friends. Dead serious. I’m showing off this practice’s Instagram page at lunch to my coworkers who also have dental anxiety.
I never thought I’d look forward to periodontics, but here we are. I’m excited to be smiling.
Dr. Sutton and his assistant were nothing short of phenomenal. Previous dental experiences left me feeling like nothing more than a number and a payday. Dr. Sutton walked me through each step of his process as he was working with me, something I’ve never seen another dentist do. He also explained the reasons behind what he was recommending instead of simply telling me what I needed and offering no explanation. I had a very negative opinion about dentistry and those who worked in the field until I went to Dapper Dental. They made the process so simple and comfortable.

Anthony s.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Dr. Sutton’s office but I was immediately put to ease by the receptionist. I comfortably waited until Dr. Sutton was ready for me and he was so incredibly nice!! He spoke to me like a friend and listened patiently to my concerns. Even when he had to step out, I noticed all the attention to detail he put into the office to make sure I was comfortable and at ease. Dr. Sutton gave me personalized care without rushing or pushing and I really appreciated that. I will be recommending him to my friends and family!

Anne C.

My wife and I went to Dapper Dental as 1st-time patients. We were greeted with warm, beautiful, genuine smiles at this modern and clean facility. Dr. David chose the right people for his practice. He carefully explained each procedure and was gentle as he created a healthier environment inside our mouths. Truly a unique experience. You're going to love your new dental care professional. SMILE!!

Troy C.

OMG where do I start. I LOVE THIS PLACE. I have lived in Orlando for 5 years and I have just now found my forever dentist. I went in skeptical because my last dental appointment was $50, had a $2,000+ payment plan, received no free cleaning and I was left with a sore bleeding mouth after so much poking and prodding. Here I was greeted by the most friendliest assistant who have beautiful artwork on her arms (tattoos) and for someone who also have tattoos I felt welcomed and not judged walking into a place of business. When I got into the room the great experience continued. The X-rays were not painful for the first time in my life, the chair was a massage chair, and I was able to watch Netflix during my whole visit. When the Dr came in I expressed my, what I thought would be, concerns based on previous Dental visits, only to find out that I was misinformed and I’m not that bad off. He then did a build up cleaning and was very gentle, normally I’m left bleeding with a sore mouth, but not in this case. I was then explained, in layman’s terms, where and why we should start with specific treatment, I got my free cleaning and polish, and got a hot scented towel to relax before I left. I love businesses who just want to help and not just rip you off. They actually actively listen and care. I recommend 100%

Alexia B.

I have one main thing to say: WOW!
I hate going to the dentist. This hatred (and maybe my own procrastination) kept me from going to a dentist for over two years. All of the ones I have been to in the past have been boring, painful, clinical, and just unpleasant to go to. Recently, I decided to take a chance on Dapper Dental. I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to check them out. Their website was welcoming, informative, and made scheduling an appointment/filling out my paperwork so easy that it only took about 5 minutes!
Fast forward to today when I had my first appointment:
When I walked in the door, the receptionist greeted me by name and quickly checked me in.  After I was checked in, I was offered a beverage of my choice while I waited.
In less than 10 minutes I was called back into the exam room and Brooke, Dr. Sutton's Dental Assistant, took care of me my whole appointment. She was so funny and her attention to detail was very apparent and definitely appreciated.
When Dr. Sutton came in, he introduced himself and started working on cleaning my teeth. Throughout the whole experience, he was professional, funny, and very conscious of my comfort and needs. He explained things in an easy to understand way that made me feel more at ease with what he was doing.
Dr. Sutton's practice is probably the best medical practice I have ever visited in my life. I felt like I was a VIP. I cannot recommend enough giving his practice a try; you absolutely will not regret it!

Ben M.

I had been in search of a new dentist (after my former dentist retired) for quite some time when I noticed a new dental office opening just a few blocks from my home in Winter Park. After verifying that this new office also accepted my dental insurance, I decided to make a new patient exam appointment and give it a try - and I am I SO GLAD that I did!
From the moment I walked in to Dapper Dental, I was so thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the visit. From the wow of the office interior design to the warm and genuinely caring team members who participated in my visit today, it was clear that this team is living up to their mission to provide DENTISTRY WITH HEART! ❤
Dr. David Sutton is exceptional in his approach to warmly welcoming new patients and coming up with a care plan that is clear and easy to understand! My initial vist to Dapper Dental has been remarkable and I so appreciate the attention to detail everywhere you look in this office. I am now officially smiling from ear-to-ear about finding my new (and super conveniently located) new dentist.
Thank you Dr. Sutton and team! clapclapclap

Michael N.

Dapper Dental is the office that has it all! The staff were friendly and welcoming, always asking what they could do to help me. I love the convenience of making appointments online, but know I could call or email anytime with any questions.
The part that blew me away was how amazing Brooke was. I've never been good with x-rays and she took the time to listen to my concerns, give me tips to calm down, and then she changed her approach to get the desired x-rays. For the first time at the dentist I felt relaxed and even feel next time I won't be as anxious to begin with. The massage option in the chair also helped.
Dr. Sutton was so friendly and really took the time to go over the x-rays and talk about the future of my teeth. It was nice to get a kind of road map of what could be coming up without the usual everything's fine keep brushing. It felt so nice to find a dentist office I could feel comfortable in

Shannon J.

If your looking for a dentist in the Winter Park area, this is the place.  If your looking for a dentist and you don’t live in the Winter Park area they are worth the drive. This place is modern dentistry at its finest from nice decor to modern furniture and up to date equipment, you can’t find a better place. The doctor and staff are beyond accommodating, polite and approachable. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the place that just gives it that extra little touch.

Mark M.

I went in for a a cleaning today and was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Sutton and the entire staff were very friendly and helpful. The office seems more like a trendy restaurant than a normal dentist office and they offered me coffee, soda water or still water when I arrived. They have massage chairs and Netflix to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I usually dread going to the dentist but this might make me start going as often as I should. I would definitely check them out next time you need to go to the dentist.

Eric R.

Dr. Sutton is so genuine and lovely to be around. Beyond his personality, his skills and attention to detail with my teeth is why I come to his practice. He knows my concerns and really addresses them. He makes his practice feel less like an old dentists office and more like a comfortable place to be. I had high expectations from my dentist I saw in CT and NY and only Dr. Sutton matches them here in Orlando. Really a great dentist and the only one I recommend in Central Florida.

Rina P.

Dr. Sutton has been my mine and my three kids dentist of choice for years, so much so that we travel from West Palm to see him twice a year for our checkups. Dr. Sutton and his staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating, they have truly changed my perception on dentistry. The office is top notch as well, between the technology and the look it feels more like a place to hangout and relax then a dental office.

Adam J.

Dr. Sutton was beyond incredible! He did an amazing job with this office. It’s so nicely put together and so comfortable. Everyone the works here is so kind and welcoming. I will never go anywhere else for as long as I live near Orlando. I can not recommend this office enough!

Kaitlyn R.

I started going to Dr. Sutton after he was referred to me by a local doctor who is renowned in his field. Dr. Sutton was described to me as the "dentist who doctors go see" and when I went, his level of care and skill exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to his new, state-of-the-art office in Winter Park. Have referred several friends his way and all would highly recommend as well.

Greer L.

I’ve been to so many dentists over the years. Dr. Sutton is by far the Best Dentist!! I love the office atmosphere and the staff are Amazing! I highly recommend for all ages

Chris H.

As cliche as it sounds everyone is so incredibly nice. The rooms have Netflix, the chairs are massage chairs, you get a warm towel after your treatment, seasonal drink offerings on top of regular drinks. Y'all this place is amazing.

Ashley S.

Contemporary office space, professional and friendly staff, and great care from Dr. Sutton.  Lots of unexpected extras: drinks while you wait, massage chairs, and TVs with Netflix in every room.  Looking forward to my next visit!

Chris S.

Dr. Sutton and I go way back. He performed some dental miracles on me that no other dentist would touch... and he pulled it off amazingly. He was super funny and made me feel really comfortable, and that was before he had massage chairs. If you're lucky enough to be able to go to his practice, go. He will redefine your idea of "going to the dentist.”

Vincent G.

I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Sutton and the staff at Dapper Dental for my cleaning and exam yesterday. Having 25+ years experience in the dental profession, I have high standards for my personal care. Dapper Dental and Dr. Sutton exceeded those expectations!! The office is very welcoming and “ up to date” with all the latest technology all while including personal touches like message chairs and Netflix ! The front desk staff was both friendly and efficient. Dr. Sutton is such a genuine, caring, down to earth ( no big ego here!) type of dentist. He was genuinely concerned about my comfort throughout my appointment, as was Brooke, his assistant who was wonderful also!
Dr. Sutton and Dapper Dental is definitely a welcomed , needed addition to the Winter Park Dentistry scene. Run! Don’t walk ! Make an appointment! You won’t be disappointed!! Thanks for taking such great care of me!! 5 STARS!

Geri H.

After going to the same dentist for 16 years he retired and I was faced with the daunting task of finding a new one. I'll be honest, I put it off for longer than I should have. But when Dapper Dental showed up randomly on social media today there was just something that drew me in. Maybe it was the stylish office they were putting together, or the fact that Dr Sutton seemed so excited about his new office, but I knew that this was the right place for me. Today I had my first visit and it was great! From the moment I walked in I knew I'd made the right choice. Everyone was so nice and I immediately felt at ease. Going to the dentist is never high on anyone's to do list, but the staff made it a nice stress experience. Dr Sutton was great and took the time to get to know me and make sure all my questions were answered. If that wasnt enough, they also have massage chairs and Netflix for you to enjoy during your visit!

Meghan R.

Dr. Sutton, Brooke and all his other staff are AMAZING! My husband and I have recently become patients but we truly love how great they are and their facility. Appointments are awesome because the ambiance of the place is truly magnificent! We 1000% recommend it here!

Priscilla S.

My son and I went and got our grills shined up. What am am amazing crew. Everybody was so friendly. Dr.Dapper was so gentle and quick. The office is way more than I've ever experienced at a dentist. Posh but still manly.

Shane B.

The entire experience was unbelievable. Each staff member gets to know you in a real genuine way. I hate dentists and this by far was the best experience I've ever had at any dental office. Dr. Sutton makes you feel at ease throughout the entire visit. Definitely made a great choice by coming to this office in Winter Park.

Chad F.

Incredibly impressed! Dental visits are never my idea of good time.. but Dapper Dental made the visit stress free and comfortable. Everyone was so friendly and kind. Every step of the way, they made sure I knew what was coming and were gentle and reassuring. An incredibly warm and classy place. This is definitely my new dentistry place!

Ashley S.

By far the best dentist and dental experience I have ever encountered. Dr.Sutton and his team are caring, compassionate, and very thorough with everything they do. 10 out of 5 would recommend him and his team to everyone.

Elias C.

Had a really great experience with Dr. Sutton and the entire staff at Dapper Dental from the time I set foot in the office, to the time I left. You can tell everyone cares about your experience and your dental health, which I feel sets them apart from other Dental offices. Brooke if you see this I think you are bomb! Looking forward to getting my dental health back on track with Dapper Dental.

Ashtan R.

Everyone here is beyond awesome. Super friendly, kind, and helpful to every extent. The most relaxed and comfortable I’ve been in any medical office to be honest. I don’t even have dental related anxiety and they still made it an even better experience for me. Super glad I took the leap with just a Facebook ad to check them out! Thank you guys for the awesome experience.

Danielle D.

Great experience! All of the staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Sutton is by far the best dentist I’ve had. Everything was explained thoroughly and in a way I could understand. Everyone there made you feel like you were at home. I highly recommend Dapper Dental!

Russ C.

I had been in search of a new dentist (after my former dentist retired) for quite some time when I noticed a new dental office opening just a few blocks from my home in Winter Park. After verifying that this new office also accepted my dental insurance, I decided to make a new patient exam appointment and give it a try - and I am I SO GLAD that I did!

Alexia B.

Dapper Dental is the office that has it all! The staff were friendly and welcoming, always asking what they could do to help me. I love the convenience of making appointments online, but know I could call or email anytime with any questions.
The part that blew me away was how amazing Brooke was. I've never been good with x-rays and she took the time to listen to my concerns, give me tips to calm down, and then she changed her approach to get the desired x-rays. For the first time at the dentist I felt relaxed and even feel next time I won't be as anxious to begin with. The massage option in the chair also helped.
Dr. Sutton was so friendly and really took the time to go over the x-rays and talk about the future of my teeth. It was nice to get a kind of road map of what could be coming up without the usual everything's fine keep brushing. It felt so nice to find a dentist office I could feel comfortable in

Shannon J.

I have never thought this of any dentist, not withstanding leaving a review. I loved my experience with this team! From the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere is inviting and comforting. The intact procedure was painless, great music and a comfy couch. The doctor was wonderful, explained everything better then anyone I've ever been to. As someone with anxiety over anything to do with dentists, I've gladly made an appointment to return for a future visit! I'm telling everyone I know about this place!

Nicole P.

I had such an incredible experience at Dapper Dental. After years of not being to the dentist I was hesitant on picking an office but after hearing how great Dr. Sutton & his staff is I made my girlfriend and I an appointment. Walking into the office Golda did a wonderful job making my girlfriend and I feel at home. Brooke was my dental assistant and she was so fun to talk with. Dr. Sutton came in and I explained my reason for coming in and he was super attentive to my needs. Everyone did such a great job of making us feel comfortable and part of the family. It’s a beautiful space with an amazing staff. It’s the best dentist experience I’ve ever had!

Ryan S.

What. Do. I. Even. Say!!! Seriously, I'm speechless! I've found my dentist and I'm happy to say I drive an hour and a halfish from where I live to go here. I followed Dr. Sutton before he opened and watched him build this place and talk about his fiancee and talk about his goals and aspirations and as his business opened I watched what other people had to say too and was very impressed so decided to finally book my appointment. I had to take my 18 month old with and they were just absolutely beyond incredible. Dr. Sutton and his team really have this whole "Dental Thing" down pat. I've gone to other dental places in Orlando and surrounding areas and let me tell you.... I felt like an actual HUMAN and like I was family coming in here. This wasn't just another person out for a quick buck or way to scam more money, no.... this is a TRUE dental experience. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave it's incredible and comfortable. I was professionally and kindly greeted and checked in, examined, and cleaned all while feeling like it was truly "home" and a kind and caring experience. Oh and yeah I'm one of those weirdos that like dentists but the fact that my 18 month old also trusted Dr. Sutton enough to open his mouth and let him take a peek at his teething progress speaks VOLUMES because my son doesn't just trust anyone. I adore you guys and thank you so much for making it such a great visit! I really cannot wait to come back in 6 months for my next cleaning and keeping on track with my dental care now that I found someone I absolutely trust with my care. Hopefully in another year we will be closer than we are but it is 10000000000% worth the drive to go to your office. You've built a fantastic, state of the art, kind, caring, welcoming and efficient dental home that I am proud to be a patron of. Keep up the amazing work and we will see you soon enough!

Melanie F.

5 stars! 10/10! Would highly recommend! The team at Dapper Dental were so nice and accommodating. This was the first time I have actually enjoyed going to the dentist. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment! joy The office is modern and well decorated. The chairs have a massage feature which was absolutely lovely. SO relaxing. Each station has a huge TV where you can watch Netflix while they perform your cleaning. Brooke and I had a really nice chat while she took my x-rays. Dr. Sutton was as friendly as he could be. Felt like talking to a friend or a neighbor rather than your dentist. He really took the time to talk with me and get to know me. It didn’t feel like he was in a rush or had somewhere else to be. Dr. Sutton has a really light touch, so you don’t feel like your teeth are being picked to death. Most dentists give you are hard time and act like you can never do enough for your teeth. Dr. Sutton was really complimentary and made me feel like I had been doing a good job caring for my teeth. Overall, I can’t say enough positive things about Dapper Dental. I could have stayed and hung out with them for the rest of the day. Just a genuinely nice group of people. If you’re looking for a new dentist, go see Dr. Sutton. You won’t be disappointed.

Ashley Z.


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