We are always going to work with you to save your teeth, but sometimes teeth need to be removed. Whether it has gotten weaker from a gum infection or from a cavity that has caused a tooth to break beyond repair, we'll take care of you. With a thorough exam by Dr. Sutton and the Dapper Dental team, we can identify the issue and create a plan for a smooth extraction. If you’re concerned or apprehensive about the procedure, we offer sedation and anesthesia options that will keep you comfortable throughout. Interested in sedation options?


We also want to plan for what happens after the tooth is removed. Spaces created from even a single missing tooth can lead to problems related to your ability to chew, your jaw joint alignment, and your teeth shifting. To help avoid these complications, we will discuss all of your options before the tooth is removed so we can gameplan for the future together. We'll get you smiling again.

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