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Your Dapper Dentist in Winter Park | Top 3 Beverages to Avoid Staining Your Teeth

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We call these the big 3 in dentistry: Coffee (tea), soda, and wine. Have you ever wondered why these drinks cause your teeth to discolor? There are a multitude of causes for staining, including risk factors like smoking or dipping that can cause discoloration (along with numerous other health and dental risks). But limiting intake of these big 3 and having a gameplan for your oral health can go a long way to keeping your smile popping.


We all know that soda has tons of sugar. While diet soda helps to reduce your sugar intake, it still stains your teeth at the same rate. While dark soda are the main culprits for staining, both dark and light sodas tend to feed the bacteria in your mouth because this beverage is highly acidic, which can lead to the development of gum disease and cavities.

Coffee and Tea

Most people couldn’t live without their daily caffeine fix. We all do it. While it’s true that both beverages can offer a great pick -me-up in the morning, they will rapidly stain the outside surfaces of your teeth and their sugar content is high.

Red Wine

Another common culprit is red wine. It's high in sugar, and its deep red color can coat your teeth (just like it does your lips) and cause discoloration.

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