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Facts About Oral Cancer You May Not Know

Like all cancer, it is easiest to treat when caught at its earliest stages. Though bi-annual visits to your dentist, you never have to worry about an event like oral cancer sneaking up on you. Your dentist in Winter Park FL understands the importance of regular screening and diagnosis.


Thankfully, our offices also perform oral cancer screenings during your cleanings and exams! If you don’t know much about oral cancer, check out the facts listed below.

Facts About Oral Cancer You May Not Know

FACT #1: Oral cancer is not a rare disease.

According to recent studies, cancers in the mouth and the throat rank #6 among the most common in the world. According to the American Cancer Society, oral cancer will affect about 53,260 individuals in the U.S. in2020.


If you find yourself here, know you are not alone and there are dental experts constantly working hard to find new treatments and preventative medicines. Thankfully, with a screening, we can find it early and nip those cancer cells quickly!


Fact #2: You don’t have to be a tobacco user.

Although the use of nicotine and tobacco increases the risk of developing oral cancer, a non-smoker can still be diagnosed with this disease. Genetics, HPV, and excessive alcohol drinking can also increase someone’s likelihood.


Fact #3: Young people are not excluded.

Though it’s true the risk of oral cancer increases after a person reaches the age of 50, younger people may also develop this disease. Its link with HPV’s (Human Papilloma virus) can be found in people of all ages.


Fact #4: You can protect yourself.

Remember High School health class? You can reduce your chances of developing oral cancer if you eat more vegetables, avoid drinking alcohol, quit smoking, practice safe sex, and limit your exposure to the sun.


Fact #5: The signs aren’t easy to spot. 

How often do you check the back of your throat? Mouth and throat cancers that are linked to HPV tend to develop in areas that are pretty difficult to spot. These areas include the tonsils, the base of the tongue, and the lymph nodes.


See Your Dentist in Winter Park FL!

When was the last time you visited the dentist? Contact Dapper Dental to schedule an appointment and have an oral cancer screening. They are easy and quick! 

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