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Your Dapper Dentist in Winter Park - Dentures | Top 3 Reasons Behind Ill-Fitting Dentures

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You’ll probably agree that compared to other types of dental appliances, most patients prefer to have their missing teeth replaced by dentures. After all, who wouldn’t want to go for the option that restores your bite, looks great, and costs less? However, when dentures don’t fit, they can make chewing a chore and they can even slide around in your mouth. In fact, the standard of care is now considered an implant supported (snap in) denture due to these circumstances. These are the top 3 things to look for as to why your dentures may not fit anymore.

Receding Jawbone

The main function of your jawbone is to keep your teeth in place. Whenever you lose a tooth, a physical change occurs that involves the recession of your jawbone and it slowly continues over time. Over time, even the best fitting dentures can become loose as a space forms between the denture and the underlying gums. Oftentimes, this can be fixed with a simple reline. If the fit is heavily compromised, or if the denture never fit right, it might be time for a new denture.

Warped Dentures

Age and maintenance issues are the main reasons why dentures warp over time. Patients are instructed to keep their dentures from becoming brittle and dry so that they won’t break easily. Dentures will dry out and change shape when they’re not stored in water or kept damp.

They’ve Outlived Their Usefulness

It’s important to note that no set of dentures will last forever. At some point, they would need to be replaced. However, if good maintenance practices are being followed, your dentures can last longer and get you back to eating the foods you love.

Do You Need Dentures in Winter Park?

If you want to run over some of the reasons why your dentures may not fit right, come visit me at Dapper Dental today!

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