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Relationships Are Everything To Us

Relationships are everything to me. There are a million reasons that I became a dentist, but number one on that list is that I wanted the opportunity to meet new people, connect with them, and help them change their lives.

Most of you think that going to the dentist is a chore. I want to change that. When I designed our office, I didn’t want it to just look nice, but I wanted you to walk in and immediately know that this place is different.

You won’t see me pop in and then pop out of the room for your visit. I’ll be spending the time to listen to your “why”. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to know yours. Once we’ve gone over your x-rays and photos, I’ll personally perform your cleaning. It was important to me that for your first visit, we spend some extra time together. This way, you can learn who I am, what I’m about, and you can feel like you know me personally when you leave the office.

So come in, say hi, and tour our beautiful office. We would absolutely love to meet you

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