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Biggest Misconceptions About Root Canal Therapy

Do you have an upcoming appointment for your root canal therapy Winter Park? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to check with your dentist if the things that you’ve heard about the treatment are true or otherwise. To give you a head start, check out these biggest misconceptions about root canal therapy Winter Park:

Root Canal Therapy is Extremely Painful

The pain is caused by the infection in the tooth – not by the treatment itself. Contrary to what most patients think, root canal therapy is done to eliminate this pain. In fact, the procedure is practically painless, thanks to the local anesthetic given by the dentist.

A Root Canal Treatment Isn’t Needed When Pain Isn’t Felt

You may need a root canal treatment even if your tooth doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, a fistula that looks like a pimple forms near the damaged or infected tooth. Since the fistula keeps the pressure from building up in the tissue, the patient won’t feel any pain. Without root canal therapy Winter park, the infection won’t be treated, and nearby tissues will also become infected.  

Having a Root Canal Treatment Means Removing the Damaged Tooth and Its Roots

In case you’re not aware, the primary goal of a successful root canal treatment is to save your tooth and not to remove it. To get rid of the bacteria, only its internal portions are cleaned and only the nerve tissue, the pulp, and the inside part of the roots are going to be removed.

There’s No Need to Go Back to the Dentist for a While After the Root Canal Treatment

On the contrary, follow-up appointments will have to be made for the placement of the permanent filling or the crown on your tooth to ensure that no bacteria will leak into the canal.

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