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Top Factors That Can Affect the Outcome of a Root Canal Treatment

You probably know that dentists perform root canal Winter Park treatment to save a patient’s infected tooth. However, certain factors need to be considered before this procedure is performed. The dentist needs to look into the patient’s general health condition, the anatomy of the affected tooth, and the extent of the infection and microbes. Let’s take a closer look at them:

The Patient’s General Health

The dentist needs to find out how well the infection can be cured before scheduling a root canal treatment. To do this, the patient’s general health needs to be considered. For instance, if the patient is diabetic or if he’s taking certain medications for cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, his body’s defense system could be weaker than normal. In such cases, a root canal Winter Park treatment wouldn’t effectively treat an infected tooth

The Extent of Infection

Apical periodontitis, or a tooth root infection that has reached the patient’s jawbone, is usually addressed by a root canal Winter Park treatment. However, it’s challenging for the dentist to predict possible outcomes for such a case. If the patient suffers a medical condition or if his health is poor, it’s better to address the problem by extracting the tooth.

Anatomy of the Tooth 

Your incisors and canine teeth have one root while premolars have one or two. Only molars have three or four roots. A tooth that has multiple roots is more challenging to treat than those with only one root. Also, the shape of the tooth roots can influence the outcome of the procedure. For instance, it’s easier to perform a root canalWinter Park procedure on a tooth that has roots that are straight or slightly curved than on a tooth with crooked roots.

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