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We've all heard the term and know the stigma associated with it: Root canal therapy. I'll bet you probably just cringed when reading those words. Whether you've heard a terrible story about someone who had the worst root canal experience or they read a blog that had inaccurate information about the procedure, this fact remains – root canals don’t deserve their bad reputation. Read up and learn the truth for yourself.

Root Canal Therapy REMOVES Pain – Not the Other Way Around

The common reasons why root canals are necessary is when the patient has an infected inner tooth, a broken tooth, or a nerve that’s slowly dying. These reasons normally have one thing in common – pain. Contrary to what most people think, root canals ease the pain and do NOT cause it. The truth is, patients won’t feel any pain during their appointments and they feel better afterward.

It Doesn’t Take Several Appointments to Complete the Treatment

You may be surprised to find out that the treatment can be completed in one or two appointments. However, certain factors come into play when it comes to determining the number of appointments that are necessary. These include the extent of the infection or whether a referral to a root canal specialist is needed.

Teeth that Require Root Canals Aren’t Always Painful

If you hear someone tell you that your tooth has to hurt before a root canal treatment becomes necessary, don’t believe them. A tooth that no longer has a living nerve won't always be able to send a pain signal to your brain. Typically these infections wont cause any symptoms until either the socket becomes inflamed from the infection or, worse, the tooth abscesses. That's why it is so important to stay regular with your check-ups. The earlier we can catch warning signs of infection, the better we can reduce the likelihood of unexpected flare-ups.

Get Accurate Information About Root Canal Therapy and Come See Us In Winter Park

Inaccurate information about root canals can keep you from making an informed decision regarding your teeth. Learn more about the procedure by stopping into Dapper Dental and chatting with me or our wonderful staff. Contact us today!

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