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Top Questions Dental Patients Ask About Deep Cleaning

Did your Winter Park dental health provider recommend a deep cleaning to address your gum issues? If it’s your first time receiving this type of treatment, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. To help you understand and appreciate a deep cleaning treatment, have a look at the corresponding answers to the more frequently asked questions about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Cleaning

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning, also known as periodontal scaling and root planing, is a type of treatment given to patients who are experiencing the early stages of gum disease. Its purpose is to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the teeth while removing bacteria and tartar buildup under the gums. 

Does it Involve a Painful Procedure? 

Since deep cleaning is noninvasive, you won’t feel any major discomfort during the process.However, if you have low pain tolerance, your dentist may apply local anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

How is Deep Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is highly recommended for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Deep cleaning is meant to treat concerns with the early stages of gum disease. While regular cleaning is only limited to the surfaces of each tooth above the gum line, deep cleaning removes tartar, bacteria, and other debris that are found underneath.

Furthermore, while regular cleaning works to polish each tooth, it can also potentially disturb bacteria colonies in the mouth and release them into the body. On the other hand, deep cleaning eliminates these colonies altogether.

How Do I Care for My Teeth and Gums After a Deep Cleaning Treatment?

Since the deep cleaning process gets rid of every trace of bacteria in the pockets around your teeth, your dentist will advise you to maintain proper oral hygiene on a daily basis. An optimal cleaning toothpaste and an additional antibacterial mouthwash will also be required to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.

You may also be instructed to visit your dentist every three months to reverse the early signs of gum disease. If the condition isn’t reversed, surgery may be considered for future treatment.

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