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What is a Root Canal and Do I Need One?

Just saying “root canal” is enough to make some people uncomfortable. You probably know someone who has a horror story about getting a root canal. What we don’t get to hear is that root canals are a critical procedure for preserving the tooth, relieving pain, and regaining your dental health. If you’ve experienced a severe tooth ache and are in need of a root canal Winter Park, there are no safer hands than those of our staff at Dapper Dental.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment, meaning that it treats the inside of the tooth. The procedure is not dissimilar to a regular filling and is usually completed within two appointments – although this is dependent on the condition of the tooth.  The goal of the procedure is to remove the infected pulp at the center of a tooth and then filling and sealing the cavity to prevent further infection from bacteria.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

The final determination of whether a root canal winter park is needed will be made by your dentist. There often are no symptoms but the first sign that this procedure might be necessary is persistent and sometimes severe pain emanating from the tooth. Assuming that the tooth is still alive, you may experience hot and cold sensitivity. If you experienced any of these symptoms you should visit your dentist quickly as in more extreme cases an abscess may develop, causing swelling of the gums.

Benefits of a Root Canal

A root canal Winter Park aims to save your natural tooth from an infection and preserve the long-term health of your teeth by preventing infections from spreading. Additional benefits include:

·     Regaining the strength of your bite

·     Improved sensation in your tooth

·     Makes chewing easier and less painful

Need a Root Canal in Winter Park, Florida?

In the right hands, there’s no reason to fear needing a root canal. Our expertise and personal touch makes Dapper Dental the best place to trust with this sensitive procedure. No need to keep suffering, contact us today and let us bring you the pain relief you need!

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