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How to Know If You Have a Dead Tooth

Do you have an extremely sensitive and discolored tooth? If you do, then you might be dealing with a dead or a non-vital tooth. When a tooth is losing blood supply to its pulp or soft tissue, it will begin to discolor and appear darker compared to your other teeth. Furthermore, it becomes painful and sensitive when the untreated decay has already penetrated into the pulp. However, thanks to modern Winter Park dentistry, a dead tooth can be treated via a root canal therapy. Meanwhile, here are the three main indications of a dead tooth:


You can find various causes behind tooth sensitivity. However, it’s one of the major symptoms that a dying tooth may exhibit. If you’re feeling severe and sharp pangs in any specific tooth whenever you floss or consume hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks, you’ll need to see your dentist.


Do you feel a dull throbbing pain that constantly resonates through a particular tooth and up to your gums? If you experience severe pain in a specific tooth that’s triggered by any hot, cold and sweet food and drink, your tooth may be dying. A toothache that’s ongoing is a clear sign that you’ll need to call your dentist. 

Darkening of Tooth Color

In case you’re not aware, a tooth can change into a different color when it’s dead or dying. You won’t mistake it for a stained tooth because it will have a color that’s markedly different – usually gray or black. This color change is due to the dying red blood cells that are present in the pulp of the tooth in question. You’ll need to see your dentist once you notice a darkened tooth.

Talk to Your Dentist About Restorative Winter Park Dentistry!

If you suspect that you have a dead tooth, contact Dapper Dental to schedule an appointment. Dr. Sutton can help you solve this problem using the restorative Winter Park dentistry procedure that’s right for you.

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